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Durable Layflat Fire Hose

Short Description:

  • Bursting pressure: 18bar-75bar or Customized
  • Inner Diameter: 1"-12" or Customized
  • Color: White, Black, Red, Yellow or Customized
  • Material of Lining: Rubber / PU / PVC / EPDM /TPU
  • Application: Firefighting, Industry, Agriculture, Forest, Marine, Building
  • Material of Jacket: Polyester Yarn / Filament / PVC / TPU
  • Length Per Roll: 15m, 20m,25m,30m or Customized
  • Working Pressure: 6bar-25bar or Customized
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    Quick Details:


    Item NO. FH03A09
    Material of Jacket Polyester yarn/Filament/PVC/TPU
    Material of Lining Rubber/PU/PVC/EPDM/TPU
    Inner Diameter 1”-12“ or Customized
    Length Per Roll 15m,20m,25m,30m or Customized
    Working Pressure 6bar-25bar or Customized
    Bursting Pressure 18bar-75bar or Customized
    Colour White,Black,Red,Yellow or Customized
    Printing on Hose Customized
    Application Firefighting,Industry,Agriculture,Forest,Marine,Building





    Charateristics of Rubber hose: 

    Its warp is made by high strength polyester staple/yarn. Rubber lining is very smooth with excellent flexibility, aging proof, sealing property, flame and oil-resistant, acid and alkali proof, wide range of operating temperature, and so on. It can satisfy demands of special performance compared to other lining fire hose. Commonly used for indoor fire prevention, industrial effluent, agricultural irrigation, industrial and mining enterprise, ships safe and other special fields.

    Charateristics of EPDM hose:

    Its warp is made by high strength polyester staple of filament. Its inner lining is the finished cure EPDM hose with non-osmotic. Between the lining and out jacket is the special solid or liquid adhesive, so the adhesion strength is very high. EPDM fire hose has good oil resistance, acid, alkali, aging and ozone proof, anti-ultraviolet and corrosion. Commonly used for fire prevention place and high temperature liquid transportation of petroleum or chemical products in developed countries.

    Charateristics of PU hose:

    Its warp is made by high strength polyester staple of filament. PU hose has outstanding high pressure proof, oil resistance, anti-corrosion and low temperature proof, etc. Moreover it can be used conveniently with light weight and long service life.

    Charateristics of PVC hose:

    The warp of the jacket is made by high strength polyester staple. Compared with rubber fire hose, PVC  fire hose is much softer and lighter. Also it has good aging proof, high adhesion strength, long using life and reasonable price. We can supply low temperature proof PVC hose according to customers’ requests. This kind of fire hose is commonly used in landscaping, agricultural irrigation, and indoor fire prevention system.

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